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Cherokee Consulting, LLC is one of the premier technology consulting firms in Colorado. We provide consulting services in a variety of areas covering the full spectrum of Information Technology and specialize in using technology effectively. We have implemented financial accounting systems from most major vendors. Over the last decade we have worked with numerous small and large companies both regionally and across the USA to implement software and technology solutions. Our background in accounting, project management, relational databases, business intelligence, infrastructure, and software development allows us to work with clients to find solutions to their business problems and apply the right technology for their requirements.  

Cherokee provides web and application hosting services and managed IT services. Whether helping to manage software acquisition costs, software deployment, and internal software licensing, or as an Application Service Provider, renting software on a flexible monthly basis, we implement systems quickly and efficiently to assist in your business management.

Contact us to schedule a review of your requirements to see how we can help you  be more efficient.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to focus not only on doing the “right thing” but doing the “right thing in the right way”. To accomplish this we bring together the right resources, technology, processes, and experience to achieve the maximum value for the client. We approach each challenge with a fresh perspective that is vendor neutral allowing us to use the hardware, software, tools, and methodology which best matches to the clients' needs.

We provide value for our clients. Our clients feel secure that we will focus on their best interests. Recommendations are made based on the client's requirements. We are problem solvers and solution providers who use creative approaches to avoid stereo-typed offerings.



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