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Cherokee provides hosted applications for clients and managed IT services. Contact us for a quote for your specific needs. We can be very cost effective - allowing you to focus on business not IT infrastructure. 

Hosted Off the Shelf Applications
We provide off the shelf applications such as Microsoft CRM, Dynamics GP Accounting, Microsoft Office, Sharepoint Server, and Microsoft Exchange. You may have an application package you would rather let us manage. We support most software technologies including Microsoft Windows Server, Microsoft .Net, Sun Solaris, Java, and Linux, allowing us to tailor the hosted environment to your needs. Let us customize an environment specifically for you - whether you are a large company or a small one, we can help you get the most out of your investment. We can rent the software on a flexible monthly basis, avoiding the need to outlay large capital dollars.
Custom Web Sites and Applications
Custom applications can be developed for clients and run on our servers and managed by us, or special be commercial software applications can be run on our servers. Contact us so we can provide you with a custom solution as we offer many hosted applications. Other companies also offer technical management, but we add application knowledge and experience that allows us to be a partner in growing and supporting your business.  
Custom Development, Conversions, and Implementations
We do custom development, database upgrades and conversions, and system implementations. A test environment can be provided where in house facilities may not be available or cost effective. We would be glad to discuss how we can assist you on your next project.



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