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Some typical projects

Project: Served in the PMO, IT Systems Project Manager, and Systems Architect for the convergence of the company's Sales Compensation systems and processes, post merger with Compaq. The project evaluated the applications, processes, infrastructure, and people from the merged companies and outlined short term and long term goal architectures and transition strategies.


Project: Served as the Project Manager and Lead Architect for the IT Strategy and Infrastructure Project. The project evaluated the ability of the existing IT strategy, architecture, and technology providers to support the business and contingency plans. The team then developed IT strategy, organization, and technical infrastructure recommendations. The state lottery has used these recommendations to guide in their transformation.

Project: Project Manager for the Unix system deployment and architecture project. The project evaluated the existing Unix system architecture and developed recommendations for architecture that would support and promote the reuse of hardware and software across the company. The project developed a roadmap to and end state architecture with fewer data centers, servers, software, and personnel with increased reliability, performance, and availability that led to significant savings for the company.

Project: Managed the Unix task force during a disaster recovery. After a fire had disabled the main office and data center this task force was responsible for establishing availability to all of the Unix Servers and bringing the key applications back on-line. Even though the Unix servers did not have a disaster recovery plan, the task force was able to redeploy servers and bring the all of the key application back on-line in 2 working days. The team then conducted a disaster postmortem and made specific recommendations that would allow for a faster recovery in the future.
Project: Performed in a key consulting role in the creation of the Application and Data Architecture group during the ownership transition from IBM to Siemens. Established the groups mission definition, goals and objectives and developed corporate It architecture standards. This was followed by the development of the current and desired corporate application landscape and data models. The transition plan from the current state to the desired state was the roadmap for the integration of IBM-ROLM to Siemens-ROLM.


Project: Managed the team in the creation of the Distributed Systems Standards. The team had sub-teams of five to 12 members each. The team was made up of employees from Architecture, Business Systems Development, Operations, and Administration, and were located in Chicago, Denver, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. The team developed standards for Standards Development, Directory Structure, Move to Production, C/C++ Coding, GUI (Graphical User Interface), Component Naming, Tools, and Application Architecture. This team laid the foundation in United Airlines move to SEI CMM level 2.

Project: Managed the team in the creation of the corporate information and technology architecture. The team was responsible for the development and definition of the processes needed to create and maintain the corporate information and technology architecture. The team then moved into the actual creation of such architecture. The team was crucial in United Airlines SEI CMM efforts and played a critical role in United achieving SEI CMM level 3.

Project: Developed, defined and performed the Business System Development Support (BSDS) function. The BSDS function is responsible for interfacing between the application development teams and the architecture organization. Their major responsibilities included architecture coaching to project teams, feedback to architecture teams, application architectural assessments, provide architectural input to RFI/RFP's, and represent architecture in the evaluation of vendor products. In addition to developing the BSDS roles and responsibilities and documenting BSDS functions, the BSDS function was performed on one in-house development project (Inventory Control) and one vendor application project (Purchase Order/Accounts Payable).

Project: Managed the team which was responsible for the creation of the Information Strategic Plan for a Maintenance Operations Division. The project included the creation of the information architecture, business systems architecture, technical architecture, current environment assessment, and recommended development strategies.



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