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This is a broad area of our practice covering technical aspects of networking, system management, application management and application development. For a customer we may manage their IT department, their major financial applications, or their network. We may furnish executives or managers on a temporary basis where it is impractical to hire someone due any number of reasons. Our people in this practice area understand the technologies in depth and deliver value to the client in multiple ways.

Whether you need to integrate several Windows Servers or hundreds of UNIX or Linux servers, we have the experience to assist you. 


For clients we use a multitude of tools to integrate diverse applications is diverse environments.  It may be a Java J2EE environment with Websphere or Weblogic, a .Net Windows environment. We may use Business Objects, IBI, Cognos or Microstrategy tools. We will use the most appropriate tool for the job and provide developers with solid experience.


Application Development
Our people have managed development projects ranging from single developers to hundreds of developers in multiple countries. They have delivered projects using all major technologies. We bring together the technical, managerial, and strategic resources to deliver the best value for our clients. Custom solutions require an understanding of the implications of all aspects of the design and we take pride in delivering on time and within budget.




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