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Since the early days of relational databases, we have been involved with every major database vendor on a multitude of projects.  Data collection and presentation are the cornerstones for every organization today. Whether gathering statistics for utility rate analysis or analyzing sales trends at retail stores, what is gathered and how it is presented are often what separates highly profitable from losing money. We design and create strategies and data stores to deliver critical data.

Solid history of Business Intelligence projects
We have done many implementations of executive dashboards, and business analytics for companies ranging from mid-size to multi-billion dollar international companies. Software tools used have included Business Objects, Cognos, Information Builders, Microstrategy, SQL Server Analytics, Crystal Reports, Brio, SPSS, SAS, and many other products.


Solid History of Data Warehouse implementations
Many data warehouses and data marts have been designed and built for many companies using Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, DB2, and Informix ranging in size from gigabytes to multi-terrabytes.


Business Analytics and Data Warehouseing Experience



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