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Some typical projects

Food and Beverages
We created a product marketing planning system for a pre-IPO company requiring extensive product profitability analysis. A Data Warehouse consisting of more than 3,000 products was created, allowing the company to forecast revenue and model costs using variable and fixed product drivers. Marketing and overhead costs were allocated to products at different levels, and were used in creation of an Executive Reporting System for P&L on a brand level basis and to deliver Price-Volume-Mix variance reporting.


One project was to build a Data Warehouse for implementation of a Web based reporting system for business analytics. Multiple terabytes of data were extracted nightly to provide daily morning operational and financial information to managers. Operational numbers and financial numbers were gathered for reporting to various custom dashboards.


A project was to deliver a large Hyperion Essbase project incorporating a corporate manufacturing budgeting solution for three divisions and thirty plants. The system was designed to allow users to input unit volumes and expenses, headcount and labor expenses and manufacturing overhead. Allocations pushed all expenses to product and plant level, allowing executives to see brand, product and plant profitability both in terms of total dollars and unit cost. Reports and executive dashboards were created on the Web to allow executives to view various costs by brand and variances.



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